Variable Lenght Pronouncable Passwords Generator

Basic usage
How many times you were required to think up a password easy to remember, but not trivial and nothing really creative comes to your mind? For that reason soft.warez.HQ has made up a really good online tool to help you solve this problem - by default this tool generates 8 symbols long pronouncable passwords! Just enter any number and it will generate this amount of 8 symbols long pronouncable passwords from which you can choose anyone for your usage in your application or account.

Advanced usage
If you require customized or longer pronouncable password, select any modifiers you require in following form fields: "Number of characters", "Use uppercase letters", "Use digits", "Use special symbols". The last two modifiers will make your password longer and more secure!

For your information: generated passwords aren't stored anywhere on the server so noone can acquire them - even you if you refresh or navigate away from this page! Remember to store your passwords in a safe place. And do not forget them. Because if you do we will not be able to help you restore it!

Number of passwords to generate: (max. 1000)

Advanced features
Number of characters:
Use uppercase letters: No Yes
Use digits: No Yes
Use special symbols: No Yes

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