AJAX File Upload

Version 0.1
©2007-2019 Reinholds Zviedris, digiBlink.
Based on Webtoolkit's AJAX File Upload and Martin Konicek's Asynchronous image file upload without AJAX.


Small script that allows to upload files via background like Google's Mail, without reloading the page. Uses PHP and JavaScript.
If you are intending to use it somewhere, please, give a credit to author.
Tested in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5+, Mozilla FireFox 1.0+, Opera 8.0+, Safari 4+, Chrome 7+.

Download and usage

  1. Download AJAX File Upload - ajaxfu-0.1.zip
  2. Unzip it to the web accessible directory
  3. Make sure, that you have at least PHP 4
  4. Give full permissions to upload directory, so that webserver can write in it
  5. Open webbrowser and try it out!


File to upload